Carry out complete financial monitoring of your property

Draw up your farm's financial account plan or use the pattern we suggest if you wish. Change it anytime if more sense your reality. Categorize and organize your income and expenses and get rich reports on which types of income have the most impact on your accounts.

Track every financial transaction carried out by your farm. Identify them, divide them into installments, attach them to your respective invoice, mark the company or production center involved and choose the payment method. Mark each installment as paid as soon as this happens. Your balance will be updated automatically.

A very important part of this follow-up includes deciding the type of apportionment that will be used on expenses considered indirect. You will be able to define how each expense will influence the cost of your production. We offer several forms of apportionment for you to choose the most suitable one.

Despesca offers numerous financial reports that can help you in your decision making. Define which financial accounts represent your cash accounts and generate statements, analytical financial reports or payables and receivables.

Despesca's financial monitoring tool is a powerful tool that can help you in your decision making. Always keep it updated and the cost of its production will be closer to the real one. Thus, the results of closing your cycle will be increasingly clear.